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Choroidal Naevus

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What's going on?

This is a freckle or a mole – simple as that. Whereas you can keep an eye on a mole or freckle on your arm, one at the back of your eye is a bit trickier. Just like a mole anywhere on the body the great, great, great majority do not cause any problems. Very rarely these moles can turn nasty.

What will my ophthalmologist see?

We will be able to see the pigmented area at the back of the eye.

What will my ophthalmologist do for me?

Using the slit lamp and through a dilated pupil we will be able to decide whether the naevus is a worry or not. There are specific features which can tell us if the naevus is completely benign (which it probably will be) or if it may be turning into something of more concern. We can advise you with regards the follow-up you will need. Often a yearly appointment is all that is required.

What can I do?

Not worry unless we tell you to.

What do I need to know?

If we have any cause for concern we will refer you to a specialist clinic.