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One Stop Cataract Service

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one stop cataract service 2020Usually when you are referred in with a cataract you are seen in a clinic by an Ophthalmologist, examined and then listed for surgery. You are placed on a waiting list and often have to come back for some scans prior to having your surgery. The waiting time for NHS surgery can be up to 4 months and even for private surgery you often have to wait for several weeks before having your procedure.

In the One-Stop Cataract Service you are seen by your consultant eye surgeon, assessed and prepared for surgery on the same day. You have your eye scans and the procedure the same morning as your surgery. It means no time on a waiting list and you can get the whole thing done in the space of a morning or afternoon. 

In the era of Covid-19 it is important that we minimise Hospital visits and therefore we have set up the one-stop service at the NHS Treatment Centre on the QMC Campus in Nottingham on Saturday mornings meaning that you will have all your pre-operative tests and assessments, and the surgery on the same morning.

You will have to self-isolate for 7 days before the surgery.

  • The all-inclusive fee is: £2,406.00.
  • All hospital profits will be reinvested into NHS services.
  • The procedure will take place at the NHS Treatment Centre on the QMC Campus in Nottingham on Saturday mornings.
  • To book in you simply need to contact the NUH Private Patients team on 0115 9709318.

Listen live to Mr Alwitry performing cataract surgery. As heard on BBC Radio Leicester!

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