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Consultant Ophthalmologist, Cataract & Refractive Surgeon
BMedSci BM BS MRCS MRCSEd MRCOpth FRCOphth MMedLaw PgD Cataract & Refractive Surgery


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Independent Feedback from the Private Health Information Network (PHIN)

PHIN is a government-mandated organisation publishing performance and fees information about private consultants and hospitals. Mr Alwitry's patient satisfaction dashboard:
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Patient Testimonials

Mr GK, Nottingham had one-stop cataract surgery

"Praise for the private one stop service at the Treatment Centre in Nottingham:

I am absolutely amazed at the clarity and quality of vision that you have given back to me.
Thanks to your relaxed, caring and calm manner, I was totally at ease throughout the morning.
Your team were also brilliant, showing great care, compassion and a lovely sense of humour.
I cannot thank you enough."

Mr RB had one-stop cataract surgery

"I'm one of Mr Alwitry's very satisfied patients and although my cataract operations were a few months ago now; I can honestly tell you that everyday when I get up I think of Mr Alwitry's skills and artistry in making it possible for me to see so well. Also I remember the operating team and of course yourself, Lesley and Daisy.

I also rate very highly Mr Alwitry's videos on YouTube. I've watched as many as I could find and admire his straightforward and honest presentations.

From my point of view I'm very glad that he is working here in Nottingham and we as patients are extremely lucky to have him.

He has a wonderfully reassuring manner, top rate operational skills and then on top of that I think he is an artist.

When I had my consultation with him (I'm a bit deaf) I was sure I heard him, as if talking to himself, say something about the possibility of fixing my astigmatism by how he intended to make the incisions when removing the cataracts.

Well, as if by magic: I can now see into the distance, drive, watch TV and read the subtitles without glasses at all. A completely novel experience as I was always short sighted. Of course I need specs to read and for closer work but I knew that would be the case before we started

I suppose what I want to say is that Mr Alwitry must be part surgeon, part artist and part magician.

Thanks so much to you all."

Mr GT had bilateral Toric Eyhance Intraocular lenses for his cataract surgery:

"I am most pleased with the outcome of the recent cataract operations that you carried out on my eyes. The result is much better than I hoped for, in as much that I don't think I shall require reading glasses. Colour perception is quite remarkable as well.

I am in awe of the skills you possess, and wish to thank you and your team for the care given to me."

Spire Nottingham - anonymous patient feedback from our inpatient/daycase patient satisfaction survey carried out between August-October 2019

“Excellent surgeon who put me at ease”

“An extremely efficient and friendly consultant who made me feel relaxed through the whole procedure”

“Clearly adept at putting patients at ease and also showing my wife what the problem was during initial consultation. Also commented on how the procedure went immediately on completion (in the theatre).”

“Very pleasant. Even sang to me during surgery. Very satisfied. Thank you.”

 “Very friendly and explained everything that would happen. Immediately had trust in him and was not worried about the op. at all. Hoping to come back for another op. in about four weeks’ time.”

“Considerate to all my needs.”

 “A very competent and likeable man willing to take some time to explain surgical procedures and make the patient feel comfortable and reassured.”

“Care and attitude wonderful made me feel at ease and comfortable”

“Absolutely first class. Never known anyone so understanding and prepared to go the extra mile to ensure I was as relaxed/comfortable as possible. I must have shown a nervousness during the operation, as there was an immediate effort to ensure I felt as relaxed as possible. Truly amazing”

“He was first rate.”

 “Mr A Alwitry was excellent, I felt I was in good hands right from the first consultation to the end of the procedure. He put me at ease and explained what he was doing throughout the procedure.”


Thank you to Mr Alwitry and his PA for your excellent service and patience over the last few weeks – I will have absolutely no hesitation in recommending anyone in need of your services to you.

AH, Nottingham 

Almost three weeks have passed since the cataract operation performed by yourself on 26th February, so my appreciation for your expertise is overdue. It was apparent from an early stage that the improvement in my eyesight was considerable. First of all I am reading and writing in good light without the use of my spectacles. Secondly, I have been able to see my drive at the 1st hole approach to the green for the first time in some years. Thirdly, the clarity of the tree branches in the distance is so much better with the operated eye than views just with the untouched eye alone.

May I thank you so much for achieving this transformation for me. I feel so happy that I prevailed upon my optician to recommend you and to have enjoyed such an experience in your skilful hands. I am grateful to Leisa for making such efficient arrangements at Circle for me.

IP Hampshire, March 2019

You have to be rated a lot more than 100% in all that you do:

  • friendliness
  • explanation
  • persistence to make things better
  • treatment
  • care

Loyalty and help to patient is second to none in all that you do. A BIG thankyou. You deserve much more. 

JS Nottingham, August 2018

"Thanks to Mr Alwitry for his exceptional work. The surgery has transformed Mr J's quality of life and he is elated knowing that such things can be achieved so comfortably. He is still asking when he can have it done again but only if Mr Alwitry does it......because he is the absolute best!!!!!"

I’m on top of the world, everything was so wonderful I’m going to come back and have my third eye done!

HJ had private cataract surgery at Loughborough Hopsital

May I extend my sincere thanks to you for the benefit of your excellent skill, advice and guidance with my recent eye operation and for your exemplary patient interface. This provided a clear description of the procedures and inspired a relaxed state of mind and great confidence in your ability before we went onto the actual operation. My eyes settled down quickly and I now have the vision I had long forgotten from over 50 years ago and am absolutely delighted with the results. I can now read easily, even small print and colours of all things are gloriously vibrant which is wonderful, though I suspect the old habit of groping around for my glasses, first thing in the morning, and realising that I don't need them any more provides amusement for my wife!


We would also extend our thanks to your Personal Assistant, Leisa, for her support and interface during this time, which my wife found very helpful and a delightful lady to communicate with.


Finally, our thanks to the nurses and support staff at Circle for their bright, cheerful care in the eye imaging procedures and pre and post op ministrations.  

TP, Melton Mowbray, had AT Lara Extended Depth of Focus intraocular lenses.

I'm over the moon.  I feel very lucky to have found such a fabulous surgeon.  Great improvement in vision. I'm thrilled.

EG suffers from Age Related Macular Degeneration and had cataract surgery with an Eyemax Intraocular Lens

Thank you for the difference the operations have made to my life. The world is a brighter place - the colours I see now amaze me. I did not realize my eyes were so bad before. I will never forget how kind and reassuring you were. 

AO from Nottingham, Nov 2017

A wonderful experience. Amazed at the colours and absolutely delighted with the outcome.  Mr Alwitry is a charming man and has a lovely manner - I would certainly recommend him to anyone thinking of having cataract surgery.

ST had private cataract surgery at Loughborough Hospital, Nov 2017

Can't believe the difference - a superb team - thank you very much.

PE had private cataract surgery at Loughborough Hospital, Nov 2017

Sincere thanks - in shock - unbelievable experience, everyone is so caring and Mr Alwitry puts you at ease. Thanks are not enough.

PW had private cataract surgery at Loughborough Hospital, Nov 2017

Wonderful outcome. Thank you. I am delighted. I only need glasses for extra small print.

PW had Oculentis MPlus bifocal intraocular lenses into both eyes

I am highly delighted with the surgery and with Mr Alwitry who was a wonderful surgeon. The whole experience at Woodthorpe Hospital was excellent and I can’t praise the staff enough. I was suffering from blurred version and I was going blind so I definitely needed to have the surgery. I was amazed at how quickly I was able to get into the hospital for the surgery. It was such a quick and efficient process. >>Read More

GL, Bulwell

It is now just over 7 weeks since I had my first trifocal lens procedure closely followed a week later with my second eye. I've had my follow up appointment with my optician & all is good. Thank you to Mr Alwitry & all his team including you for your professionalism. I still cannot believe that after nearly 60yrs of glasses/contact lenses I do not need either now. I have a lot of family & friends who are very impressed.

Thank you


Many many thanks!

Am enjoying reading, jigsaws and Wimbledon!

I have my life back!

IS, Nottingham

A big “thank you” to you and all your colleagues for taking care of me. 

We all have something special in our lives which we enjoy doing and for me it’s always been sewing.  It’s good to be able to sew confidently again, and even more important, to be able to see to take the stiches out again if I change my mind!

JG, Nottingham

After being turned away by 3 surgeons due to the challenges of her case I was happy to find Mr Alwitry who agreed to operate and take out my mother's cataract. She had successful cataract surgery today.  Its still too early to judge whether we have improved her quality of life significantly but at least she now has a chance. A very caring doctor who was very good with an extremely vulnerable patient

AB, Nottingham

Dear Sir

A few months ago I purchased your textbook, Ophthalmology in Primary Care.
I am an Optometrist who had to take an extended time away from the profession due to a bereavement.
I have now completed a few days back in practice and to help me prepare I studied your text. I just wanted to let you know what a great source of guidance and explanation it was for me. It really helped me in advance of rejoining the profession. I continue to read it.

I wish you all the best for your future.


Dear Mr Alwitry,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you so very much for giving me back a standard of vision that I thought I would never experience again.

Many thanks also to all your team at the Circle, Nottingham. From the initial eye test through to the post surgery, the nursing staff were so caring and understanding, putting us all at ease.

I will never forget the moment when I removed the eye bandage the morning following the surgery to my right eye. I started to focus, and within seconds could see that the trees were so green, the flowers so bright and vivid.

The same joy was repeated a few weeks later following surgery to my left eye. Euphoric!! I can now see clearly without glasses for the first time in over 30 years. 

I have glasses for computer/reading and a pair of prescription sunglasses for driving. Once again, a huge thank you. I'm still smiling 3 months later when I look out of the window! 


Recent treatment for Posterior Capsular Opacification - June 2017
Hi there, just a brief note to say how pleased I am with the service that you provided. I had cataract surgery in 2015 and after shortly afterwards my eyesight started to deteriorate, in one eye and then the other. Following several attempts to get to this corrected I had laser treatment for Posterior Capsular Opacification by Dr Alwitry.

He was very professional and I felt completely at ease during the treatment. My vision is massively improved. Just as he had predicted.

With much appreciation


Dear Mr Alwitry

I just had to send you such a big thank you for the cataract surgery you performed for me last Monday at the Woodthorpe Hospital, Nottingham. I was the one who was going to walk home, if you remember.


I am so pleased with the result, you have really given me a new lease of life. I just could not believe how the world looked when I took off the eye shield on Tuesday morning, I could see the buds on the trees and all the wonderful colours. I can read even very small print without any specs, how wonderful is that. I keep going round the house looking for anything with small print on to see if I can read it.


Do you know I am the Bionic Woman now I can see so much, the only down side is I can see how old I look and that was a shock I can tell you, still it's what is on the inside that matters.


Thank you seems so little to say, I will always be grateful for what you have done.

God Bless


To a Wonderful Eye Surgeon

Hello, remember me?
You and your team made me see
DH, and 3/1/17 is when I came
And I certainly knew it wasn't a game


I loved your dedication and skill
Before the op, I was a little bit ill
Not physically ill, but rather stressed
But I was very soon appropriately addressed


As my blood pressure, before, was fairly highAnd I thought, should I panic, or simply sigh?
But after the op it was recorded much lower
And I thought, that's good, "I will show her" 


The surgeon, the most lovely man to meet

His name being Mr Amar Alwitry
He continually told me not to worry
But he came across as in a bit of hurry


Eventually, we were all put in a room
Gowns on with doom and gloom
We were called in theatre, one by one
And we all came out again, nicely done 


So thank you all you lovely lot
I am delighted with the sight I have now got
Everyone involved was so incredibly nice
I can hardly believe there was no price


To finish, let me say this...
You are all wonderful, and yet
A certain nurse, I would love to get
But I am sure a good man she has now met 

The End


I was first diagnosed with cataract in both eyes just before my 50th birthday at a 'routine' appointment for Thyroid eye disease! I got my care transferred to Mr Alwitry after a frustrating few years in 'the system'. Since transferring in Autumn 2016 he has done far more for my long term eye condition & cataract than the previous care provider did in the previous 4 years.


I've recently had my left eye cataract removed. I knew it was going to be life changing but was not expecting the outcome so soon after surgery! I am writing this just six days post procedure. Initially I had a problem with double vision which I was expecting given that I still have one eye with a very high prescription for short sight & am still reliant on my glasses, but am excited about getting my right eye done and the prospect of wearing glasses for reading, driving & computer work only! I have worn glasses since the age of 5. I had a complex prescription & high magnification lenses which meant I was restricted to plastic frames & expensive bill on an annual basis which also included prescription sunglasses. I can't see without my glasses, but now if I close my right eye I can see perfectly at a distance with my left no correction! I have removed the left lens from my glasses which means I can see! It takes a while for the brain to get used to the new vision.


Initially I wondered how I will ever drive again or walk down stairs without shutting one eye. I did too much, far too much just 3 days post surgery by catching a bus into town, couple of hours walking round then home. Way too much for my brain & eyes to process & spent the next day with eye & head ache! Learnt that lesson! I'm planning to drive tomorrow as my sight is now almost back to 'normal'! I will no longer need prescription sunglasses. I can have trendy glasses with no frame restrictions! Truly life changing!


Amazing outcome. Such a great consultant too! Nothing is too much trouble & you feel that you are the only important person in his life for the time you're with him. Wish he could be cloned! He is a busy man but makes time for you, your eyes & your issues! This approach rubs off on the whole team! A true pleasure.

CM, Leicester

Just a brief message to thank Mr Alwitry and his team for their patience and understanding on Tuesday. I was extremely anxious throughout the day and I appreciate the extra effort he took to reassure me. The vision in my right eye is so much better than before; I am typing this without any spectacles and as far as I am aware it makes sense!

SB, Leicester

Please pass my thank to Mr Alwitry and his team. I awoke this morning and removed eye protection following my eye surgery yesterday and my treated eye is already better/clearer/improved colour without spectacles than my untreated one with specs. Really impressed with the difference. I look forward to having my other eye treated in a couple of weeks.

AC, Nottingham

Newspaper article about Mr Alwitry's service.

Meg Williams, Loughborough Echo, January 2016

Mr Alwitry, Thank you for putting the colour back into my eyes.


With many thanks for your expert care to both of us.

P & J W

Thank you for the splendid surgery to my wife’s left eye.


Mr Alwitry, Thank you so much for removing the “curtain” from my eye. How wonderful to see the full colours of nature again.


Dear Mr Alwitry, I was overwhelmed on the day after my operation when I could see without my glasses; particularly the trees and the sky. For 59 years the first thing on waking has been to grope for my specs to begin the day. No more! It amazes me each day to be “normal” and no more steamed up specs either. Thanks to your skill and your jolly support I am very happy.


Thank you so much for the operation – it is truly magical.


Thank you for your cheerful, open and honest nature. You made the whole experience relaxed and stress free. My vision is amazing and I am delighted. Thank you so much.


I would like to express the gratitude for the treatment I received at the ophthalmology department yesterday. In particular I would like to thank Mr Alwitry who attended to my problem. His kindness and efficiency but in particular his sense of humour made my visit very pleasant.


I would express my thanks to you for the care and consideration you showed me yesterday when I turned up for treatment to my eyes. I have had much treatment on my eyes and I felt as I left your rooms yesterday that this was the first occasion on which I had my problems and the outcome fully explained to me.