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IC-8 pinhole IOL

IC8 Image for Website

IC8 Image for Website 2The AcuFocus IC-8 intraocular lens extends depth of focus by combining small aperture technology with a monofocal lens. This innovative design – incorporating an opaque mini ring with a central aperture – provides cataract patients with excellent quality of vision over a broad range of distances. It effectively mimics a pin hole camera to allow clear vision at multiple distances.

Essentially, the IC-8 IOL uses the pinhole effect to exclude peripheral defocused light – which compromises image quality – and permits only central, focused light to reach the retina thereby theoretically ensuring good vision at all distances.

Patients get less glare or other light related visual disturbance. Also it works in one eye allowing me to choose a lens which suits the individual patient in the other eye.

In general, the IC-8 IOL may be applied to cataract patients with up to 1.50 D pre-existing corneal astigmatism.